Welcome to Church at the Cross

Services Sunday 9:30 am 


We welcome your visit to our website.  As you review the content please be informed as to our emphasis upon biblical truth.  With our understanding of the needs for mankind, we teach and preach in an expository manner with a very practical application for daily living.

Church at The Cross (CaTC) has been a part of the Pine Grove community for the past 36 years and began as Pioneer Baptist Church.  For the past 18 years Pastor Charles Teagle has served as our senior pastor, and his son, Chris Teagle, serves as Associate Pastor and also oversees the music ministry and Enoch, our students ministry.



What we teach represents the doctrinal position as adopted and taught by the Elders of CaTC.  We believe that the Bible mandates that as overseers and shepherds of Christ’s Church, the Elders protect the doctrinal purity and integrity of the Church.  Also, they are charged to preserve unity regarding the truth.

Our Statement of Faith is a condensed overview of the basic topics of what we believe to be the “whole council of God” regarding the fundamentals that a discerning church and maturing Christians should seek.  Also, we recognize that every Christian is a work in progress and growing in knowledge towards Biblical understanding based on maturity, experience, upbringing, and many other variables. Our purpose is not to exclude and isolate true believers, but rather to provide a common ground of truth that serves as the basis of common worship, fellowship and service to Christ as one spiritual body and family in the local church.


CaTC offers various ministries to all ages to assist in their individual growth in Christ.

  • AWANA Club is a ministry to kids from grades K-12.  This club offers a fun night with kids participating in their grade level. Together they learn Scripture, play games and develop lasting relationships with others.  This club meets every Wednesday evening at 6:00 - 8:00 PM. 

  • Generations of Grace is designed to accommodate kids from grades K-6.  In this setting Scripture is taught at their grade level in a systematic and vibrant way.  This teaching  occurs while the adults are worshiping Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM.

  • Enoch Student Ministry is designed to connect with our high school students.  The teaching ranges from book studies to verse by verse exposition.  With the Word of God as our basis, relevant student needs are addressed such as peer relationships, dating, and child-parent relationships. This ministry meets each Sunday evening at 6-8 PM.

  • Home Fellowship Groups was designed to bridge the gap between Sunday School and Seminary.  A variety of topics are taught and discussed. For this study we meet every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

  • Women’s Ministry is an outreach to ladies in our community.  It is an informal gathering in which a variety of topics are taught and events are planned through out the year such as the Women’s May Retreat, a Christmas Luncheon, and a Spring Tea just to name a few.  These ladies share their crafts and skills in a variety of venues.

  • Men’s Ministry is a long standing outreach to the men of our community, and meets each Saturday morning from 8-9:30 AM.  A book is chosen, and they collectively read through it. Discussion and rich fellowship follows. Additionally, this ministry sponsors and hosts a classic motor show each summer, which generates funds that in turn help the men with other outstanding needs.


  • Equiping Hour is a class designed to be a week to week intensive study to teach the basic doctrines of the Bible. Though it is accessible for those who are new believers, it serves as a helpful review and a fresh encouragement for even the most seasoned believers.  Through Fundamentals of the Faith classes and other offerings like The Truth Project, are held throughout the year, and each new class starts based on sign-ups.  Check back often to see what we are offering.

  • Conferences and Other Offerings  is our community page where we announce conference dates, gatherings, or other ministry opportunities.  Check back here often, as this page changes frequently.


CaTC can be easily seen at the corner of Homestead Road and Highway 88 below the “three crosses”.  Our address is 21895 Homestead Road, Pine Grove, CA 95665-9694.